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    Image Source: Quintuplet  

    Cluster (Star Cluster Near the

    Center of the Galaxy)

    PRC99-30; STScl OPO

    D. Figer (STScl) and NASA

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Birth Chart Interpretations



Your Birth Chart consultation is based on the computer-calculated position of the planets, the sun and moon at the precise moment and location of your birth.


Consultations & Reports Available: Private in person, telephone, and recorded audio taped reading, email or Word document written consultations, and computer generatedreports.


Celestial Map Consultation

Comprehensive Natal Chart Analysis and Six-Month Forecast

This is an in-depth reading of your birth chart. We look at your life path, themes, talents, conscious and unconscious traits, strengths and challenges, which are unique to you.This includes a detailed analysis of all the planets by sign, house and aspect and will include valuable in-depth information regarding your personality, finances, home and family, romance, children, work, health, partnerships, and career.This reading will integrate the past with the present.†† In addition to the chart interpretation, I include a 6-month forecast using the progressed aspects and current transits of the outer planets that are significant with what is happening in your life now


Celestial Map Consultation:$120†††††††† ††††††††††††



Astrological Insights Consultation ††

†† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Introducing Your Unique Celestial Map

This is an informative overview of your birth chart

planets by sign, house and aspect in your chart.

Iíll discuss the most significant themes in your

chart and review the current trends and cycles

of the outer planets for the next six months




Astrological Insights Consultation $50†††††††††††


The information required for a creating your astrological chart follows:


1.      Birth Date

2.      Exact Time of Birth * (from birth certificate, hospital or county records)

3.      City, State and Country of Birth


*Important Information Regarding Time of Birth

The time of birth is the ultimate key for an accurate astrological interpretation of your chart. A birth chart changes significantly every four minutes for the location of your birth.Therefore it is very important to have accurate birth data.Your birth certificate, hospital records or the board of vital statistics should have the exact time of birth.


Without the exact time of birth, an astrologer must use the process of chart rectification for verifying your birth time.Chart rectification is a process of obtaining key events in your life and trying to find the chart that works with these events.This requires a lot of time and work.†† With the assistance of the computer, astrologers can manage this process in a reasonable amount of time.However, although the accuracy of the rectified chart will prove itself over a period of time, the more information you have regarding the time of birth, the less time will be involved in rectifying the chart.If you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the process related to your situation.



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