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Cosmic Dance                            Cosmic Dance - Relationships, love, marriage, family, businessCosmic Dance - Relationships, love, marriage, family, business

Relationships — Love, Marriage, Family, Business

During our lives we have many types of relationships — family, friends, business, romantic and marriage.  The astrologer can offer valuable insight into the dynamics of these relationships by comparing the natal charts of the individuals involved.

The astrologer uses several tools, including synastry, which is the process of comparing the planets, signs, elements, aspects and house placements of one individual’s birth chart with those of another individual’s birth chart.  Another tool used is the composite chart, which is derived by combining the midpoints of the birth chart of the individuals involved and is used for defining what the relationship and the focus of energies between the individuals involved.

  • Reveals how you respond to each other and how you fulfill each others needs.
  • Insight in how to make use of the energies that provide positive interactions and those that produce stress and   conflict.
  • Provides an overview of each individual’s chart.
  • Interprets the composite chart of the relationship

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