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   One of the most important constituents of success is timing

 Star Ship - Business Trends        Star Ship - business forecast of trendsStar Ship - business forecast of trends


The stock market is a good indicator that the world of business is variable, with high and low cycles and definitive trends, affecting economics around the world.  Just as a natal chart is cast with the date and time of an individual's birth, a chart can be cast for the date and time that a business began.  This chart will reveal the potential success of your business including the financial assets and activities and of your enterprise.   Transits and progressions to this chart reveal the areas where growth and expansion will pay off and when and where you need to tighten the ship.   The astrologer can point out indications regarding legal matters, employee and management issues, and any other area of concern regarding your business.


 Star Ships - Crystal Ball for upcoming cycles in your businessStar Ships - Crystal Ball for upcoming cycles in your businessKnowing the upcoming cycles and their potential impact on the economics of your country and the world at large will be an invaluable business tool for your business no matter how small or large your business is. Business leaders involved with business planning and forecast can incorporate sound business decisions utilizing the information provided by the business cycles reading.

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